March 2023

Discover the Most Influential Spiritual Texts from Around the World and Learn Valuable Life Lessons.

http://www.bookroomreviews.comThe Top Religious Texts From Around the World Teach Us These Valuable Lessons About Life The top-selling books of an era offer a peek into what people of that time are seeking. The popularity of self-help and relationship books today shows that people crave understanding of themselves, rules for living, and deeper connections with others. […]…

’sComparing the Features of Kindle and Tablet Screens

For people that are new to Kindles and ereaders in general they often have questions about how the screen is different than other types of screens on phones, tablets, and TVs. Amazon doesn’t help matters any by never actually calling the screens what they are like other companies do; their marketing department tries to make […]The post How a Kindle’s Screen is Different From a Tablet first appeared on The eBook Reader Blog…….

Review of Philip Roth’s Novel “The Plot Against America”

by Susan: This is the second time around reading. The first time I didn’t understand the connection with Lindberg until after I learned my history. The book is terrifying, unbelievable our country underground wanted Nazism to spread through the United States. Some of these events were actually true. Lindberg becoming president didn’t happen.This actually is an important book to read. Even though it is a novel. If you end up reading the book. Do some research on the 1940’s and Nazism…

How to Easily Register Your Kindle Device

It looks like some people are running into problems registering Kindles to their account, especially when it comes to older Kindles, as I’ve seen it mentioned several different places now. I haven’t experienced the issue yet so I can’t speak about it directly, but it seems some people are getting an error message after entering […]The post Easy Fix for Kindle Registration Problem first appeared on The eBook Reader Blog…….

Gift Ideas for the Book-Loving Person in Your Life

  Choosing the ideal present for the reader in your life might be difficult. The most meaningful presents are those that appeal to their passions and interests. The good news is that there are many excellent options available for giving the bibliophile in your life a present that demonstrates how much you comprehend and value […]The post Best Gifts For The Bookworm In Your Life first appeared on Good e-Reader…….

“Outside: A Dystopian Thriller Set in the Near Future”

http://www.bookroomreviews.comOutside: Standout Near Future Dystopian Thriller Confirms Curiosity Plays Havoc with All That You Think You Know In the first episode of Aaron Gransby’s The Phoenix Series, Outside takes readers to near-future London, where the economic powerhouse of the City dominates the nation.  When journalist Rory Kennet is asked by a friend to investigate the […]The post Outside: A Near Future Dystopian Thriller appeared first on……

The Writer’s Book “Blob” Published

Published: 14th September 2021 Publisher: HarperCollins Illustrator: Anne Appert Pages: 32 Format: Picture Book ★   ★   ★  – 3 Stars Blob is a creature of indeterminate kind. Blob can be a giraffe, cotton candy, and even an octopus. It’s not until a negligent (albeit well-meaning) narrator continuously calls them “Bob” that Blob starts to question who they … … Continue reading →……