’sComparing the Features of Kindle and Tablet Screens

For people that are new to Kindles and ereaders in general they often have questions about how the screen is different than other types of screens on phones, tablets, and TVs. Amazon doesn’t help matters any by never actually calling the screens what they are like other companies do; their marketing department tries to make […]The post How a Kindle’s Screen is Different From a Tablet first appeared on The eBook Reader Blog…….

Gift Ideas for the Book-Loving Person in Your Life

  Choosing the ideal present for the reader in your life might be difficult. The most meaningful presents are those that appeal to their passions and interests. The good news is that there are many excellent options available for giving the bibliophile in your life a present that demonstrates how much you comprehend and value […]The post Best Gifts For The Bookworm In Your Life first appeared on Good e-Reader…….

Wesley King’s Boot Camp: A Comprehensive Fitness Program

"The West Bottom Badgers are the worst youth basketball team in the league. That is until one summer when a new coach gives them the chance to change everything. Rolabi Wizenard and his magical coaching techniques cover offense, defense, individual strengths and weaknesses, and physical conditioning. Through basketball, he shows his players that working at each of these will not only make them stronger physically, but also mentally and emotionally.The Badgers players – Rain, Twig, Cash, Lab, and Peño – each…

Alretha Thomas’ “The Girl in the Blue Blazer”: A Gripping Tale of Revenge and Suspense.

The Girl in the Blue Blazer starts as two women – Pamela Carter and Johnson – anticipate to meet billionaire Andrew Clifford, a man with an impressive art collection and a massive ego. Knowing the spectacular track record of Andrew’s past proteges, Veronica is vying for a coveted internship to follow in their footsteps. Pamela, … Alretha Thomas’ The Blue Blazer : A Spellbinding Revenge Thriller That Will Leave You Breathless. Read More »…

2/25 Kindle Deals: 10 Free eBooks for Kindle Users

Here’s a list of 10 free Kindle ebooks to help get the weekend off to a good start. Woot also has some refurbished Kindles available again for cheap, including the Kindle Paperwhite 3 for $19.99. Please keep in mind the free Kindle books listed below are free as of February 25th, 2023. Most of these […]
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Google Restricts Access to News Content for Some Canadians

Google News has always had a. tumultuous journey to being the most popular news service. Major media outlets and governments always want them to pay so news organizations can make extra money. This most recently happened in Australia. Canada is now in Google’s crosshairs with new media law.  Google is rolling out tests that block […]
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Exploring the Reasons Behind the Lack of Bluetooth Page Turner Support in eReaders

Pretty much all dedicated ereaders have Bluetooth built-in these days, but most of them don’t support connecting remote control page turners using Bluetooth. Some devices, like Onyx’s Android ereaders, have supported Bluetooth page turners for a long time now, but Kindles, Kobos, Nooks and other ereaders still don’t offer that feature. They all have Bluetooth […]
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.0Bigme Introduces InkNote Color Plus e-note with Kaleido 3.0 Technology

Bigme has a new E Ink tablet, the Bigme InkNote Color Plus, featuring a 10.3-inch Kaleido 3 colour e-paper display. The company said the new InkNote Color Plus has several improvements over its predecessor, even though the basic design remains the same. Among the most significant change incorporated in the new e-note is the use […]
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